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Hebora Premium Self-Made Fragrance Drink and Hebora Collagen Enrich Skin Beauty Drink are the perfect duo from Hebora Japan brand to bring the effect of preserving youth, youthful skin and noble fragrance for women. Understanding the worries on the eve of aging of women, Japan’s leading functional food manufacturer has built a unique formula set that brings outstanding results.

1. . The

1.1 Hebora Premium Sakura Damask Rose

  • Detox unpleasant odors, create natural fragrance for the body
  • Hormonal balance and improvement of female physiology
  • Anti-aging skin and healthy body care
  • Prevents acne inflammation, helps smooth white skin
  • Supports digestion, prevents bad breath

1.2 Hebora Collagen Enrich Damask Rose Water


  • Anti-aging body
  • Supports wound healing and joint regeneration
  • Enhance protein supplements necessary for the body
  • Enhance antibacterial, improve immunity of the skin, body


  • Anti-aging, smoothing, increase skin elasticity 7 times more effectively than ordinary collagen
  • Reduce melanin pigmentation, support skin lightening
  • Reduce cellulite, improve cellulite problems on the body
  • Enhanced care to help hair and nails strengthen
  • Create a unique, gentle self-incense

2. Ingredient

2.1 Hebora Premium tablets

  • Sakura Yoshino flower essence: the typical flower of the land of mourning. Sakura Yoshino is also the secret of japanese women’s beauty. With a delicate, Asian aroma, Yoshino cherry flavor is in the first layer of Hebora tablets. Besides, Sakura is also considered a “magic potion” that promotes the use of preserving youthful features.
  • Damask rose essential oil: is the perfect ingredient when combined with Sakura Yoshino. Damask Rose is a very precious rose and is extremely sought after for its unique, noble fragrance that is unmistakable. Damask rose scent cannot be faked and is also capable of retaining odors 5 times more than ordinary species.
  • Saffron essential oil: proven to be a skin beauty essence, maintaining a balanced physique thanks to its ability to provide Omega 3, Natural Vitamin E extremely abundant.
  • Borage essential oil: is a balanced component of female hormones thanks to the GLA content in this flower up to 20%. Compared to primrose essential oil in Hebora generation 1, it is rated superior in content and quality.
  • Lactic acid bacteria powder: added in Hebora 2020 version. This is a famous probiotic line that is friendly to human life. Lactic acid works effectively in eliminating odors in the mouth due to stomach and digestive problems.

2.2 Hebora Collagen Enrich

  • Collagen peptides from fish: The key ingredient that makes Up Hebora Collagen Enrich with a content of up to 160,000mg is ranked at the top of the market. Salmon extract in Hebora comes from a pure deep-sea source, providing safety and benignity without worrying about infection like land animals.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamins of group B: Extracted from vegetables, organic “green” agricultural products of Japan, ensuring nutrient content and no residues of cultivated substances.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): Present in the joints between the joints, between the nerves.
  • Elastin: A protein found in connective tissues.
  • Yoshino Cherry Blossom: Sakura Yoshino is included in Hebora Collagen is a symbol of Japan, which is the country’s beautiful flower.
  • Damask roses: The roses have the most seductive scent and the ability to save the most lasting of the roses.
  • Hatomugi seeds: Also known as Coix belong to the Poaceae family (rice grass) used by the Japanese since the 8th century and today are extremely popular.
  • Panicle leaf extract: Reduces allergies, boils, soothes the skin, is anti-inflammatory.
  • Fermented vegetables (Enzymes): Enhance collagen and elastin production, moisturize the skin.

3. Objects of use

  • Women have dermatological problems such as melasma, tan, uneven color, sagging, wrinkles, large pores, pimples …
  • Women with endocrine disorders.
  • Women enter the premenopausal age, affecting physiological functions and problems in life.
  • The person has an unpleasant odor in the mouth, body.
  • The person wants to exude a natural aroma from the body.
  • People who are allergic to odorous products such as perfume…

4. Manual

4.1 Hebora Premium Tablets

– Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets / day. – Drinking time:

  • Method 1: Drink after eating 2 – 3 hours.
  • Method 2: Drink 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • In addition, before important occasions for 30-40 minutes, women can drink fragrant Hebora to increase confidence and charm.

4.2 Hebora Collagen Enrich

Use 15 – 20ml per day (shake the bottle well before use) for bottles or 1 bag / day with the box version. * General note:

  • Use a minimum of 3 months of continuous therapy for the best effect.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

“As a woman, you need to not only be beautiful, but you also need to be fragrant. Thanks to Hebora, Ky Duyen can confidently become charming and preserve youth perfectly.” MC NGUYEN CAO KY DUYEN

1. . Self-incense Hebora Premium tablets

  • Detox odors and create natural, seductive fragrance for the body.
  • Supports to improve healthy digestion, prevent bad breath.
  • Supports hormonal balance, minimizes symptoms caused during the menstrual cycle, premenopausal period, headaches, hot flashes, dryness.
  • Bringing confident beauty, radiance, charm, increasing sexual desire, improving married life and quality of life.
  • Support to minimize hormonal acne, help smooth and rosy skin, balance a healthy physique.

2. Hebora Collagen – For skin:

  • Supplementing with adequate Collagen every day helps smooth, youthful skin, natural pink glow. In particular, increasing humidity minimizes the risk of darkening.
  • Self-production of natural Collagen, repelling the skin aging process.
  • Promotes fast skin healing of wounds, limiting scars and blemishes.

– With health:

  • Enhances function, helps strengthen bones and joints.
  • Purifying the body, eliminating toxins not only returns fresh skin, but also loses weight, regains physique and ensures health.

– Create fragrance:

  • Collagen Hebora also has the ability to detox odors, remove bacteria that make the body smell unpleasant.
  • Create a seductive self-seductive fragrance for the body. This is the mark that makes the sisters “fall in love” with Hebora Collagen drink.

– Other uses:

  • Brightens eyes, beautiful teeth.


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A11- Hebora Premium Pill Combo and Hebora Collagen Enrich Drink Japan

Hebora Premium and Hebora Collagen Enrich are the perfect duo from the Japanese brand Hebora to bring the effect of preserving youth, youthful skin and noble fragrance for women. Understanding the worries on the eve of aging of women, Japan’s leading functional food manufacturer has built a unique formula that brings outstanding results.


  • Brand: HEBORA
  • Origin: Japan

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