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A22-Japanese Hebora Placental Stem Cell Drink Water Combo and Hebora Premium Autologous Incense Pill

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The Hebora Placenta and Hebora Premium combo is purified from 450,000mg of suprapubic placental stem cells, extracting precious flowers, providing the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin and the whole body at the cellular level. At the same time create a unique, gentle fragrance from her own body. This perfect duo does not stop at the effect of restoring, anti-aging, but also promotes health, reduces weakness, stress. In particular, Hebora Placenta is safe for both pregnant and lactating women.

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    Mô tả

    Since its launch, Hebora Premium self-made incense pill from Japan’s leading prestigious brand has received a warm reception from a large number of women across the country of cherry blossoms and quickly spread around the world, including Vietnam. The product is used by more than 3,000,000 women and has become a beauty “hallow” that many women love. Following the success to fully devote himself to many years of research and development, Hebora has successfully purified Placenta compound in the form of Nanoparticles and the breakthrough achievement of Stem Cell technology – Drinking water supplemented with genuine Japanese Hebora Placenta stem cells 2022. Not only effectively restoring and rejuvenating the skin – body, creating seductive self-fragrance, the duo Hebora Placenta and Hebora Premium also bring completely different concepts of the standard of beauty – a beauty of self, a youthful youth and a sweet fragrant body.

    1. . The

    1.1 Hebora Premium

    • Detox unpleasant odors, create natural fragrance for the body
    • Hormonal balance and improvement of female physiology
    • Anti-aging skin and healthy body care
    • Prevents acne inflammation, helps smooth white skin
    • Supports digestion, prevents bad breath

    1.2 Hebora Placenta

    • Proliferation of healthy new stem cells while restoring damaged cells.
    • Promotes Collagen synthesis which helps smooth wrinkles, increase elasticity, rejuvenate and improve skin cell structure.
    • Control the formation of Melanin, support darkening, melasma, tan effectively, help white skin evenly.
    • Strengthen immunity, improve physical condition and resistance, reduce the risk of infectious diseases.
    • Support to improve memory and sleep, reduce stress to help keep the mind awake and refreshed.
    • Supports hormonal stability, supports premenopausal signs and promotes physiological health for men and women.
    • Supports body detoxification, good control of metabolism, supports weight loss and keeps in shape.
    • Detox, purify body odor.

    2. Ingredient

    2.1 Hebora Placenta

    • Sakura Yoshino flower essence: With a delicate sweet spreading fragrance, bold Asian, Sakura is also considered a “magic medicine” that promotes the use of preserving youthful features.
    • Damask essential oil: This is a flower that is sought after by its distinct fragrance and is capable of retaining odors 5 times more than ordinary species.
    • Saffron essential oil: Essence to beautify the skin, maintain a balanced physique thanks to its ability to provide Omega 3, Natural Vitamin E extremely abundant.
    • Borage essential oil: Balances female hormones thanks to GLA content up to 20%. Compared to primrose essential oil in Hebora generation 1, it is much more appreciated.
    • Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder – added in Hebora 2020 edition. This is an extremely friendly probiotic line for human life, helping to eliminate bad smells in the mouth due to stomach and digestive problems.

    2.2 Hebora Placenta

    • 450,000mg of supermolecular placenta stem cells from Miyazaki pig breed

    • Bird’s nest essence

    • Fermented Vegetables (Enzymes)

    • Royal jelly extract

    • Coenzyme Q10

    • Yoshino Cherry Blossom Extract

    • Rose bud extract, rosehip buds

    • Artichoke flower buds

    • Pineapple Essence

    • Mangosteen extract

    3. Objects of use

    3.1 Hebora Premium

    • People with bad breath, people with body odor problems.
    • People who are allergic to perfumes, artificial fragrances, deodorant products.
    • Women in the premenopausal stage, menstrual disorders, suffering from dryness – vaginal itching, stress, decreased libido.
    • Women suffer from postpartum stress.
    • Women experience endocrine problems, suffer from persistent acne.
    • Women suffer from premature aging, the skin loses elasticity.
    • Women want to maintain their skin and physique right from their youth.

    3.2 Hebora Placenta

    • People with sensitive, easily irritated, or recently treated invasive skin
    • People with signs of rough skin, sagging, many wrinkles, or starting to appear melasma, freckles, premature aging …
    • People wishing to treat acne, nurture a fair, even skin
    • Women entering menopause, perimenopause, postpartum women or people with hormonal failure.
    • Males and females need to improve physiological function.
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women need to restore their physical condition, promote health, and take care of beauty in a safe, benign way without affecting the fetus or the quality of breast milk.
    • Elderly people need to improve the functioning of the body, increase resistance, strengthen health, improve memory.
    • People need to purify the body, minimize fatigue and stress.
    • People who need to control their weight, stay in shape or who exercise with high intensity need to restore their body and fitness quickly.

    4. Mechanism of Action

    4.1 Hebora Premium

    • Hebora tablets go into the body to release flower essential oils
    • Flower essential oil blends into the sweat glands. When the skin excretes sweat, flower essential oils help the whole body no longer have an unpleasant odor

    4.2 Hebora Placenta

    • Hebora Placenta drinking water is absorbed through the intestinal mucosa.
    • Placental stem cell supermolecules pass through blood vessels and then to cells.
    • 50,000mg of supermolecular placenta stem cells from Miyazaki pig breed and other nutrients nourish cells, stimulate natural collagen proliferation, regenerate the skin and the whole body.

    5. Manual

    5.1 Hebora Premium

    • Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets daily.
    • Drinking time:
      • Method 1: Drink after eating 2 – 3 hours.
      • Method 2: Drink 30 minutes before bedtime.
      • In addition, before important occasions for 30-40 minutes, women can drink fragrant Hebora to increase confidence and charm.
    • Course: Minimum 3 vials/year.
    • How to store: keep in a cool place, the temperature < 26 degrees Celsius, avoid direct light.

    5.2 Hebora Placenta

    • Shake the bottle well before use. Drink day 15ml.
    • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding use 5-10ml per day.
    • Store in a shady place, without direct light, the temperature is below 27 degrees. After opening the lid store the product in the refrigerator cooler.
    • It is recommended to maintain regular use or at least a course of 3 vials continuously / year. Most effectively use the product when hungry.
    • Cases undergoing treatment of pathology should be consulted by a doctor before use.

    “Beauty shines from the face – soul” – Ky Duyen

    Ky Duyen thought, the beauty of women is not in the outward glamour, but they are only really beautiful and shine when they know how to cherish themselves, keep the face – the soul is always the most peaceful and balanced. Finding simplicity, towards perfection – One of the philosophies that gives female MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen endless inspiration, not only in life but also in daily body care rituals. As one of the few beauties who possesses natural beauty, timeless thanks to persistent pursuit of a scientific lifestyle and a healthy diet. And above all, these are sustainable beauty treatments that take care of the whole body from deep inside. Choosing Hebora, Ky Duyen chose for herself a “Streamlining & Perfect” therapy so that the youthful years spread even more bright aromas. Hebora’s products always focus on fully exploiting the quintessence of heaven and earth, cherishing spring and awakening the original beauty of women.



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    A22-Japanese Hebora Placental Stem Cell Drink Water Combo and Hebora Premium Autologous Incense Pill


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