• Increase skin whiteness.
• Increase skin smoothness.
• Increase elasticity, skin rejuvenation.
• Increase the ability to fight melasma, tanning.
• Increase sun protection, fight skin cancer.
Production: Vietnam
1 set of 2 bottles (day / night) * 30 tablets

  1. Stem cells from Green Apple (Switzerland):  Contains many antioxidants, helps to strengthen the skin sustainably, avoid the formation of wrinkles, reduce loose, sagging skin. In addition, it also helps maintain general health, strengthens immunity against infections
  2. Bird’s nest extract (Japan): has an advantage over other types on the market because of its high solubility, increased absorption, and still contains enough nutritional ingredients such as sialic acid, growth stimulant Natural cells, Collagen… make skin healthy, anti-aging. Especially, the cell growth stimulator has a content 5 times higher than other products of the same type on the market, helping skin lesions recover quickly.
  3. Yeast Extract (Japan):  Brightens skin through inhibition of Tyrosinase enzyme in Melanin production, improves skin color after 6 weeks of use (compared to control group)

Diamond White Day Day Cream

  • Olive extract, acerola cherry, grape seed extract:   are natural antioxidants that help improve the skin, preventing harmful skin reactions caused by free radicals.
  • L-cystine, L-glycine:   is a precursor to help produce glutathione – an antioxidant in the body that helps prevent damaging reactions caused by free radicals, helps improve skin color by inhibiting melanin production – Pigment causing black, dark skin.
  • Nutroxsun:   is extracted from nature to help prevent harmful effects from the sun to the skin.
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast extract:  Helps provide energy and maintain healthy skin and hair.
  • Alpha Lipoic acid:  Helps prevent cell damage and restore vitamin E and vitamin C levels in the body.
  • In addition, Diamond Day skin care tablets also add vitamins B2, B3 to help maintain healthy skin.

Weight 3 lbs

Mua 1 hộp, Mua 2 hộp tặng 1 Sữa Ong Chúa, MUA 3 Diamond White TẶNG 2 Mỹ Nhân Hoàng Cung 235gr, MUA 5 Diamond White TẶNG 1 Sữa Ong Chúa 2 Mỹ Nhân Hoàng Cung 235gr GIẢM THÊM 10%


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A4-DIAMOND WHITE DAY & NIGHT – Brightening whitening pills -2022

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