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The course of use includes: – 10-day course – 20-day course – 30-day herbal therapy – Gynaecological soakIng Optimal solution for women: – Detox, help "girl" become fragrant, slippery – Special treatment of itching of the closed area, urination, urination – Rejuvenation of the private area, natural pinking and tightening – Supports the treatment of ph.khoa infections (candida inflammation, impurities; vaginitis; cervical inflammation,…) INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING:

  • B1: Boil the herb bag with about 1 liter of water
  • B2: Pour 200-300ml into the pot, steam 20cm from the pot for about 20 minutes
  • B3: Pour about 1 liter of boiling water to cool into the solution, the temperature reaches 30-40 degrees soaking is medium (absolutely no old hot soak)


  • Use specialized gynecological soaking pots to achieve the highest efficiency
  • In order for the solution to penetrate into the naturally enclosed area, it is not recommended to dry with paper
  • Sit up straight so that the solution can be cleaned deep inside the "little girl"


  • 100% NATURAL ingredients
  • Absolute safety
  • Effective the first time you use it.

Weight 2 lbs
Liệu Trình

Liệu trình 10 Ngày, Liệu trình 30 Ngày và 1 Chậu Ngâm Phụ Khoa


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C6- DETOX -Herbal Medicine – Oriental Medicine Infusion

Detox area "Golden Triangle" with herbal medicine soaked gynecologist.Oriental Medicine Department Of Hoang Cung Specifications: 1 Production Box: Moomery – More Than Love – Distribution system of health and beauty care products for mothers and babies leading in Vietnam

Earn 35.00 Reward Points

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