Use of Lingzhi Lingzhi Oriental

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM: Anti-nervous system weakness, stress reduction, concentration helps to eat well, sleep well
  • EXCRETION SYSTEM : Detox the body, strengthen the glands to excrete toxins, reduce acne, anti-aging, prevent melasma
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: Strengthens the immune system, fights free stem cells, protects liver cells, aids during cancer treatment
  • DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Strengthens the digestive system, reduces stomach pain, stabilizes blood glucose, supports diabetes treatment
  • CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Lower cholesterol, fight atherosclerosis, fight stroke, prevent diseases of blood pressure, cardiovascular
  • PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION: Helps to enhance physiology, fight fatigue, apathy, support the treatment of dryness and premature ejaculation

Ingredients of Lingzhi Lingzhi Oriental Ingredients The ingredients in Cordyceps are 100% rare medicines from nature, have special uses for health, absolutely safe so you can rest assured to use every day. All of the above ingredients are very good in health promotion, anti-aging, improving liver function, enhancing physiology, preventing dangerous diseases, having been certified by the Ministry of Health and announced the product Objects using Cordyceps Reishi

  • Children 14 years and older and adults
  • People who are in poor condition, have poor resistance
  • People who are just sick, want to improve their health.
  • People with physiologic weakness, apathy, dryness
  • People with endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders …
  • People who are suffering from dangerous diseases.

Instructions for using Cordyceps Reishi

  • Take 1-2 tablets/2 times a day (after 30p meal)
  • It can be used every day, for a long time.

** This food is not a medicine, does not have the effect of replacing the cure. The effectiveness of the product depends on the condition of each person.

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Promotion 3 Chong Lingzhi $185 Find out detailed information about each product in the PRODUCT section Limited quantity Chong Lingzhi is a product with special use in strengthening the body, supporting diabetes treatment, fighting nervous breakdown, helps to eat well, sleep well. Besides, it also helps to strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, strengthen physiology, reduce acne, anti-aging and beautify the skin from the inside. Thanks to these special uses, it is known as the “elixir” for health and beauty. Size: 30 tablets Produced: Nature Pharma Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company


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