Shampoo $40 Ingredients: Dandelion extract, betel grass, radial, mulberry leaves, five-colored plants,… Oil Commune $40 Ingredients: Rice bran oil, avocado oil,…. Serum $45 Ingredients: aloe vera extract, deciduous pine, green tea, microalgae extract, salmon cartilage, Tian ma plant extract, maca, nettle, milk thermometer,… Uses of SERUM4HAIR kit

  • The Serum4hair shampoo, conditioner and serum is a great combination of 16 natural herbs that stimulate natural hair growth and perfect hair care:
  • Serum4hair herbal ingredient shampoo helps to remove dandruff, clean bacteria, provide nutrients that stimulate hair growth, healthy hair nourishment
  • Serum4hair herbal conditioner helps moisturize the hair perfectly, restoring hair damaged by dyeing, bending, split ends.
  • Serum4hair hair growth serum stimulates hair growth thicker and faster, preventing and treating hair loss; enhance nutrients to help nourish the scalp, strong hair follicles; nourishing and restoring hair follicles, helping hair grow faster
  • Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, adds nutrients, helps hair growth.
  • Supports the treatment of hair follicle degeneration, baldness.
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2 FULL SET – Nguyên Bộ 3 Chai, Dầu Gội Serum4Hair, Dầu Xã Serum4Hair, Nguyên Bộ 3 Chai ̣Serum4Hair (Full Set), Serum Dưỡng Tóc


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D-Serum4Hair – Silky Shampoo Kit

Serum4hair is purified from the essence of dandelion, Saw Palmetto essence, and combined with coconut oil, pure chamomile, velvet aroma, dandelion thorns. How: Washing / Discharging: 500ml, Serum: 50ml Manufactured at: MOOMERY VN Serum4hair Cosmetic Joint Stock Company is a great solution for those who experience damaged hair, weak hair, easy to tangle, break down or those who want to nourish their hair soft, shiny and strong. With 100% natural ingredients, the product is absolutely safe for hair and scalp, without causing side effects.


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