Instructions for using: After cleaning the treated skin area will take a sufficient amount of cream (as pictured) apply evenly on the dark skin, emulsion, armpits, inguinal, gentle massage lips for the cream to penetrate evenly ! ?️ Note: only apply a thin layer on the emulsion and avoid washing again with water after applying, the drug will drift away, the day of use 2 times light and dark, Use regularly daily for high results There is a pronounced effect within 2 weeks, skin pigmentation will become pronounced pink When the treatment has achieved the desired effect, you should maintain 1 week 2-3 times to save the results permanently.


A6- Trị Thâm Nách, Mông , Bẹn 15ML, A6- Trị Thâm Nách, Mông , Bẹn 5ML, L-Làm Hồng Môi- 5ML, N-NHŨ HOA 15ML, N-NHŨ HOA 5ML, W- Làm Hồng BIKINI 15ML, W- Làm Hồng BIKINI 5ML


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C9-XXVIRGIN Whitenning Cream – Hồng Nhũ Hoa & Bikini

XVirgin Whitenning Cream • Skin regeneration – dark pigment removal … All colors… • Natural pink does not hurt • Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive place • Applying cream at home, using simple, convenient • Quick effect • Made in Korea Size: 15ml for 2-3 months

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