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  • NEW VERSION 2022 : More durable, more efficient

Size: 168 × 52 × 47mm

Duration: Hot-3 minutes/Cold-2 minutes

Weight: Approx. 111g

Temperature: 38-42°C/6-10°C


Power: Approx. 4.5W

Battery capacity: 1000mAh lithium-ion battery

Charging time: About 4 hours

Features of the multifunctional facial beauty device

Osmotic ions By passing a weak current, vitamin C and water-soluble beauty ingredients will be ionized and delivered to the back of the skin (dermis), resulting in a smoother and moist skin.

Removal suction ions Using the absorption power of positive ions, the product helps to remove dirt and skin aging agents inside the pores. The product is able to remove the usual makeup and absorb dirt that clogged pores and dark spots that cannot be removed by hand, creating new skin.

Ultrasonic vibrating massage The product is expected to activate facial muscle cells to improve metabolism and reduce skin swelling.

Supports improved beauty with red light (wavelength 622nm ± 10nm) Light penetrates deep into the skin, promotes microcirculation through photochemistry and stimulates metabolism and rejuvenates the skin. Irradiation of red light activates collagen effectively, quickly removing waste and dead cells from cellular tissues and stimulating the excretion of fibroblast growth factor, so red light improves damaged skin and wrinkles. Regenerates skin elasticity, making dull skin soft, moist and smooth.

Support to improve beauty with blue light (wavelength 465nm ± 10nm) Acne head is effectively combined with propionic acidaceae, penetrates 0.25mm from the skin surface and the function of cell disinfection begins to work, destroy and disinfect the bacterial habitat. As well as removal from the skin, you can also expect to assist in improving scarring.

• Heating function (38-42°C, 5-step temperature adjustable) Cleansing and moisturizing care can be done comfortably while warming the skin.

• Cooling function (6~10°C 5 steps temperature adjustable)

• Memory function Mode when power off is remembered

• Timer function There is a timer function for 3 minutes for HEAT care and 2 minutes for COOLing care.

Anti-aging skincare 4 authentic modes at home!


(2)Moisturizing care

(3)Care Mask

(4)Skin lift

The package includes:

1 x Massager

1 x User Manual

1 x Charging cable 1


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D3-MUSE Face Massager Instrument – Lifting Ion Electrophoresis Machine

Earn 110.00 Reward Points

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