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Muse’s T-sonic sound wave technology with 8000 vibrations per minute removes 99.5% of oil and dirt, as well as residual makeup and dead cell residue, or exfoliates without irritating the skin.

The digital floor vibrates 8000 times / minute, helping to lift and relax

Helps skin clean up to 97% deep, skin up to 87% healthier

Support to treat bran acne, blackheads after 1 week

Removes 99.5% of dirt and makeup residue

T-Sonic sound wave rhythms help improve skin efficiency

Effective prevention of dermatitis and skin irritation

  • The design is smaller and slimmer, helping to reach every point of the face
  • Smart charging port, absolute water resistance, increasing the life of the device
  • Large tips for gentle massage, pores are thoroughly cleaned
  • Soft 0.6mm antibacterial silicone layer helps wash sensitive parts such as eyelids, tail, wings of the nose …
  • The heat-emitting mechanism of 40-50 degrees Celsius helps to penetrate the skincare essence to the maximum
  • Increase and decrease with 8 levels for users to have many options, vibrating 15,000 beats / second to clean the whole layer of lubricant on the skin …



Step 1: Moisten the skin of the face, apply the cleanser on the skin of the face, press the power button to open the device (choose the appropriate vibration mode by pressing the increase or decrease button)

Step 2:

  • Move the locomotive from the middle of the forehead to 2 sides about 15s
  • Move up and down along the nose and eyelids (it is recommended to choose the intensity of slight vibration) for 15 seconds
  • Move the machine to each cheek in a spiral from bottom to top, inside to out
  • Moving the chin area, gouging the mouth, and under the chin, it is possible to move further in the neck area after cleaning the face area

Step 3: It is possible to massage with vibrating silicone particles on the back of the machine to relax the muscles of the face, which speeds up blood circulation, improves wrinkles

Step 4: Complete shutdown after use, it is recommended to leave the place dry.


  • Do not both charge and use
  • Not recommended with clay, granular, or soluble cleansers
  • It is not recommended to clean more than 20 seconds per point on the face
  • It is recommended to combine the use of a Muse cleanser with a cleanser for best results


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