Super blockbuster 2020 DIAMOND WHITE SKIN WHITENING PILLS – Creating #đẹp_tựa_Kim_Cương Skin – Whitening from deep inside, helping to protect the skin comprehensively – Anti-aging skin, repelling melasma, freckles – Helps white and smooth skin in just a short time THÀNH_PHẦN "diamond" contained in 1 Diamond White white drink

  • Mediteanox® – Spanish imported green olive fruit extract. Mediteanox® for comprehensive whitening from the inside is rated 3 times higher than Elavida and 10 times more antioxidant (anti-aging) than green tea.
  • Astaxanthin – Is a carotenoid of natural origin extracted and refined from seaweed species of the genus Haematococcus. The molecular structure of Astaxanthin is almost identical to beta-caorotene – a substance of the same group – but the antioxidant effect is 40 times higher.
  • Nutroxsun – Citrus Fruit Extract extract – extract of citrus fruits and Rosemary Leaf Extract – rosemary leaf extract. Nutroxsun protects the face and the whole body, against the harmful effects of the sun, significantly reduces melasma, tanned skin. Nutroxsun does not prevent the synthesis of Vitamin D under the skin, which helps to combat the risk of causing skin cancer,improving the resistance to oily skin that can withstand up to 56% of UV rays without burning the skin.
  • L-Cystein (abbreviated as Cys or C) is a α-amino acid with the chemical formula HO2CCH (NH2)CH2SH – Extracted from foods such as beans, sesame … Scientific research shows that dark spots, uneven skin color improved markedly after taking L-Cystine. At the same time, it also prevents skin aging, so it increases elasticity, quickly restores the damage caused by acne, tightens the skin and minimizes wrinkles on the skin.
  • Nano Curcumin – purified from fresh turmeric according to the technology of creating nanoparticles of microscopic size Nano Curcumin is known to be an active ingredient that has the ability to antioxidant the skin and inhibit melanin (skin pigmentation) development, thereby helping the skin remove dead cells from the body and contribute to skin moisturizing, helps the skin lighten, smooth, reduce dark spots, blur scars, blur wrinkles,…
  • Grape seed extract is a natural antioxidant, with a special liquid form. The composition is rich in vitamins A, E, Essential Fatty Acids Grape seed extract contains unique compounds called proanthocyanidins. Accordingly, research on the antioxidant properties of proanthocyanidins is concluded that it protects the skin many times more than vitamins.
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid – AA) is one of the oldest and still most commonly used anti-aging agents today Vitamin C is one of the most expensive ingredients in beauty, this is considered a "diamond" ingredient in promoting collagen, anti-aging skin, darkening, regenerating the skin.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Vitamin B3 has the ability to protect skin cells from the effects of the sun. Recent research has also shown that vitamin B3 also has the ability to prevent certain types of skin cancer.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Vitamin B2 acts as an antioxidant that controls harmful free radicals in our body. Vitamin B2 is necessary for the production of an antioxidant called glutathione, which acts as a free radical killer.

Other ingredients are in diamond white tablets

  • Elastin Collagen Acid Hyaluronic

ƯU_The highlights included in Diamond White skincare pills

  • Whitening is superior from deep inside, is rated 3 times higher than the Beauty Plus version thanks to Mediteanox® Prevent oxidation (skin aging) 10 times more than the old version, rejuvenate the skin, help the skin tighter, shinier Inhibit the formation of oxidizing radicals (ROS) under the skin, reduce oxidative stress imbalances caused by UV radiation. Increases the survival rate of skin cells when exposed to ULTRAVIOLET light. Increased skin resilience to UVB radiation, improving skin condition by nearly 80% with UVB exposure. Prevents the production of melanin pigment – the main cause of melasma, tanned skin, uneven skin color, dull skin, at the same time stimulates the reproduction of light melanin pigment, helps the skin to be more evenly colored, lighter, reduce melasma, tanned skin after 20 days of use Prevention of agents of cancer: Diamond White tablets are enhanced level three

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1-FLASH SALE 40%-Diamond White

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