M Hebora officially launched Hebora Placenta Placenta Stem Cell Drink, which is a product successfully refined from Placenta compound in the form of Nanomolecules and the breakthrough achievement of Stem Cell technology. Hebora Placenta not only brings the effect of restoring and rejuvenating the skin – body, but also gives a self-beauty and a sweet fragrant body. Hebora stem cell collagen drink The product not only stops at the restorative and anti-aging effect but also enhances health, reduces weakness and stress thanks to the precious nourishing ingredients – body care such as bird’s nest, royal jelly … present in Japanese Hebora Placental Stem Cell Drinking Water. Main Ingredients in Hebora Pig Placenta Collagen Japanese Hebora placental stem cell drink contains – 450,000mg of placental essence extracted from the rare Miyazaki pig breed that provides outstanding beauty effects after only 2-3 weeks of use. Proven properties of absolute safety, do not cause any side effects for users. Collagen stem cell breakthrough technology premium ingredients – Enzyme Peptides Formulated from advanced microbial fermentation technology applied by famous pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the world to health care and beauty products. – From 112 types of natural organic vegetables applied modern microbiological fermentation technology, strictly controlled, producing the purest Enzyme Peptide compound with high nutritional content, bringing great uses to help the skin glow, shine healthy, thoroughly overcome the imperfections on the skin. Bird’s nest essence Known as a hidden product of esoteric nourishment by its excellent beauty uses, the bird’s nest essence in the product is highly appreciated for its purity and is extracted in the form of supermolecular mitochondria, helping to absorb and promote health and beauty care many times faster than the products. other products. Rosehip buds and roses The flower bud extract contained in Hebora Placental Stem Cell Drink is purified from organic rose and rosehip buds, containing a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants that provide many great uses for health and beauty. Coenzyme Q10 As an esoteric Beauty Formula of the Japanese, with modern science and technology, Coenzyme Q10 is the most indispensable and characteristic ingredient of beauty product lines in Japan Benign – Multi-impact – Outstanding efficiency – CoQ10 is applied by the Japanese in almost all fields such as Medicine, cosmetology and beauty. Royal jelly extract Royal jelly extract contained in Hebora Placental Stem Cell Drinking Water is purified from the healthiest queen bees combined with modern production technology according to international standards of high quality, almost absolute purity, no impurities and extremely benign. Pineapple essence Pineapple contains a huge content of vitamins C and A that help fight and slow down the aging process. Essence from pineapple also has the effect of nourishing skin and hair thanks to the abundant alpha hydroxy acid content. Cherry blossom extract Cherry blossoms are known as the “National Treasure” of the land of mourning. It is an indispensable ingredient in the healing remedies or esoteric beauty methods of Japanese women. The compounds Caffeoyl glucose and Quercetin glucose contained in cherry blossoms have an excellent biological effect on the beauty process, providing a pronounced and lasting effect. Artichoke flower buds Artichoke flower buds possess outstanding antioxidant content that improves the immune system, prevents skin aging, protects the heart, prevents inflammation and the growth of cancer cells. Mangosteen extract Mangosteen extract with an abundant amount of nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals to help plump and white skin. Uses of Japanese Swine Placental Stem Cell Drinking Water Hebora placental stem cell drink brings many great uses for the health and maintenance of the beauty of the skin: In terms of beauty – Supports the proliferation, regeneration and restoration of damaged skin cells, reduces irritation, redness, makes the skin whiter and healthier – Stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, smoothes crow’s feet, wrinkles, improves elasticity to make the skin tighter and smoother – Inhibits Melanin, effectively prevents and smoothes darkening and tanning. From there, the skin is even and white without blemishes – Protects the skin from environmental influences, reduces acne, provides moisture and shrinks pores Comprehensive rejuvenation in 1 step Health – Stabilizes hormones, improves premenopausal signs, promotes physiological health of both men and women. – Support detoxification and purification of the body, control metabolic processes in the body, reduce cholesterol absorption to help slim figure. – Rejuvenate the body and improve memory effectively – Strengthen the immune system and resistance, improve physical condition and reduce the risk of disease – Fight fatigue and weakness of the body, support to reduce stress. Who needs to use the Placenta product line The product can be used for both men and women, especially good for people: – People with sensitive skin, prone to irritation or just invasive treatment such as dermarollers, lasers,… need to nourish and restore the skin. – People with rough, sagging, wrinkled skin – People who begin to appear melasma, freckles, premature aging,… due to environmental influences or age. – People who need white nourishment, safe acne reduction. – Women entering menopause, premenopause, postpartum or with hormonal failure, physiological impairment. – People who want to improve body functions, increase resistance, improve health, improve memory and physique. – Tired and stressed people need to purify their bodies. How does Japanese Hebora placental stem cell drinking water work in the human body? – Supermolecules of placental stem cells and rare nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal mucosa and pass through blood vessels to tissues and cells immediately after 1 hour of ingestion. – Nutrients promote the regenerating effect of skin and cells on the whole body. At the same time stimulates collagen production and strengthens the immune system effectively. How to use Hebora stem cell collagen – Shake the bottle well before use. Take 15ml a day. – Pregnant or lactating women use 5- 10ml per day. – Store in a shady, dry place, without direct light, the temperature is below 27 degrees. After opening the lid, the product must be stored in the refrigerator cooler. – It is recommended to maintain regular use or at least a course of 3 bottles continuously for 1 year. Promote the most effective use of the product when hungry. – For people undergoing treatment for pathology, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use. ==================================================

“Beauty shines from the face – soul” – Ky Duyen

Ky Duyen thought, the beauty of women is not in the outward glamour, but they are only really beautiful and shine when they know how to cherish themselves, keep the face – the soul is always the most peaceful and balanced.

Finding simplicity, towards perfection – One of the philosophies that gives female MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen endless inspiration, not only in life but also in daily body care rituals. As one of the few beauties who possesses natural beauty, timeless thanks to persistent pursuit of a scientific lifestyle and a healthy diet. And above all, these are sustainable beauty treatments that take care of the whole body from deep inside.

Choosing Hebora, Ky Duyen chose for herself a “Streamlining & Perfect” therapy so that the youthful years spread even more bright aromas. Hebora’s products, including genuine Japanese Hebora Placenta Stem Cell Supplement Drink, always focus on fully exploiting the essence of heaven and earth, cherishing spring and awakening the original beauty of women.

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A2- Placenta – Stem Cell Drink

Hebora stem cell drink is purified from 450,000mg of supermolecular placental stem cells that provide regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin and the whole body at the cellular level. Combined with nourishing ingredients – precious body care such as bird’s nest, royal jelly,… Hebora Placenta makes a breakthrough formula, not only stopping at the restorative, anti-aging effect, but also promoting health, reducing weakness, stress.


  • Brand: HEBORA
  • Origin: Japan
  • Capacity: 500ml/bottle


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