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Công dụng Nước Thần Essence Pure Toner

  • Provide deep cleansing nutrients
  • Balancing the pH for the skin, helping the skin return to its natural purity
  • Soothes the skin, reduces irritation and itchy skin rashes, regenerates skin damaged by intoxication
  • Supplementing with viral active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin
  • Increases the moisturizing ability of the skin, helps the skin to tighten the light immediately
  • Tighten pores and help skin become smoother and brighter

Essence Pure Toner water ingredients are extracted 100% from nature such as: sam vegetable extract, licorice extract, cheek vegetable extract … manufactured on modern factory lines in Korea, No parabens, paraffin, no colorants & any substance harmful to the skin, extremely gentle, suitable for all skin types How to use Essence Pure Toner

  • Wash your face with STEM CELL GEL
  • Dry skin absorbs with soft and sterile towels
  • Absorb Pure God Water on thin makeup remover cotton gently applied to the skin, avoiding thin skin areas such as the skin of the lips or areas near the eyes
  • Patting the skin makes the nutrients in Pure god water easy to penetrate
  • Wait at least 1 minute for the skin to dry 90%. End the process using PURE Day / Night Cream

Use Pure Magic Water 2 times in the morning, night every day


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B3- PURE Super Shine Miracle Essence Toner – Nước Thần

Essence Toner Pure water has the effect of helping to deeply moisturize the skin, balance PH, soothe irritation, regenerate damaged skin, help shrink pores, white and smooth skin the first time you use Specification: 150ml Origin: Korea Production: PURE Promotion Buy 1 Holy Water Get 2 Korean Mask

Earn 77.00 Reward Points