The kit includes: – SK8 Nano Whitening Nourishing Body Peeling : $40 + Removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil on the skin + Helps pores clear + Regenerates your skin + Improves skin tone and anti-aging – SK8 – Nano Whitening Nourishing Body: $35 + Cleanses the skin + Increases elasticity, skin care and wrinkle prevention + Prevention of pore inflammation – SK8 Nano Whitening Nourishing Body Day Lotion: $45 + Darken pigmentation, whitening + Address uneven skin tone + Nourished and hydrated skin + Improve skin texture + Protection against UV rays – SK8 Nano Whitening Nourishing Body Night Lotion: $45 + Moisture balance nourishes smooth, youthful white skin + Helps smooth white skin and matte black pigmentation on the skin + Anti-oxidant and aging on the skin.

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SK8 – Vegetable Enamel White Bath Kit

BUY FULL SET $150 Awaken and regenerate your skin with SK8 NANO WHITENING NOURISHING BODY. Helps regenerate new skin, rejuvenate the skin, smooth the skin.


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