• Dry skin: over time, your skin no longer produces enough natural oils so the cells become rougher and more assembled, which is one of the first signs of aging.
  • Bird’s feet in the eyes: this trace appears quite early, with the older the age the more and deeper the trace
  • Sagging skin: the natural moisturizing component of the skin is lost, the skin texture is broken down, loose causes the skin to lose elasticity and sagging
  • Melasma, tanned skin: when the skin enters the aging process, the hormone levels in the body change so that brown spots begin to appear and darken gradually.


  • Cure insomnia, drinking royal jelly will help you have a deeper, better sleep
  • Promoting health, royal jelly contains many smoothies such as B5, B6, B12,… and some vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D, E … helps promote health, regulate cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes.
  • Treatment of intestinal inflammation, stomach pain: royal jelly contains Patothenic, which helps to act on the digestive system, fights harmful bacteria to the intestines, thereby reducing stomach pain
  • Skin beauty: It is the protein and peptides present in royal jelly that help heal damaged skin cells, restore, regenerate to help reduce skin dark spots. In addition, royal jelly also contains natural antibiotics (anti-bacterial) that help the skin fight acne and eliminate acne.

It’s all condensed in the #Viên #Sữa #Ong #Chúa #Schon, we’ve got every quintessence from Mother Nature’s best nourishment. It is a product produced by Nature Vietnam certified as safe by the Ministry of Health.

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C2-Royal Jelly Royal Jelly

INGREDIENT: Royal Jelly, Primrose Essential Oil, Vitamins & Minerals, Soy Oil…. Promotion: 4 Boxes of Royal Jelly $120


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