Fresa conquers the girls not only by integrating many functions but also by its outstanding effectiveness, whitening ability, revitalization of black skin, effective tan: 97.8% Bright white stretch skin 93.7% Glossy, toned skin, creating elasticity 95.9% Effective sun protection FRESA – COMBINATION OF NATURAL ESSENCE AND JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY What will happen When are the essences of nature combined with the modern extraction process from Japan? The main answer is that anyone can be beautiful and radiant with a healthy white skin – smooth – ageless. – Increase the bright whiteness, turn on the whole body tone when the growth of light melanin, reduce dark melanin after only 2 weeks of use – Improve red skin, uneven color. – Along with natural extracts to help restore damage caused by the sun, whitening, darkening effectively. Fresa nourishes pinkish-white skin, enhancing the beauty of women. Discover the unexpected gift from nature that helps awaken a beautiful skin that is "hidden" in your body!

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FRESA Voted one of the best-selling whitening products globally in 2020 PRODUCED: MADE IN JAPAN Fresa Buy Promotion Gives 1 Kampo Ginger Diet $230


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