• Helps skin tighten, 150% stronger after 45-60 days of treatment
  • Whiten the skin from deep inside with the mechanism of healthy old cells and stimulate the regeneration and improvement of new cell pigmentation right from the moment of formation.
  • Matte brown spots, melasma, freckles
  • Tighten the pores.
  • Disinfection, skin care in the condition of clean skin bacteria
  • Used for all skin types (especially dark skin, many defects, dry skin, lack of nutrients, weak skin, large pores …)

How to use:

  • B1: Cleanse the skin of the face and neck with a cleanser, and dry it.
  • B2: Apply toner (recommended toner 100% from Bulgarian roses, non-alcoholic)
  • B3: Take 4 drops of Ampoule Propolis to 4 points on the skin
  • B4: Start the machine (hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds)
  • B5: Turn on the hot + vibration mode, adjust the temperature suitable for the skin to circulate the skin, stretch the pores massage for 2 minutes . Run the machine from the inside out, from the bottom to the top to have the effect of lifting muscles)
  • B5: Switch to cold + vibration mode adjusting the temperature suitable for massage skin 2 minutes = > help skin firm and tighten pores (Use 1 extra layer of Pure Night Cream if the skin is dry. Skip this step if the skin is oily)
  • B6: hold the on_off button to turn off, use a toilet paper towel to prepare for the next use.
  • B7: Go to bed so that the skin is rested and the essence is most ✌✌✌ effective

Note: The product has the ability to detoxify, eliminate residues & acne hidden under the skin, depending on the condition of the skin will eliminate toxins in the first time of use * The product is safe for pregnant and lactating women. The results vary depending on the body of the skin => most pronounced after 1 skin replacement cycle of the body (45-60 days) = > used regularly to achieve long-term effects



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PURE Ampoule – Premium Propolis Essence

  • Bees glue extract imported from Brazil premium exclusively
  • Concentrated essences of more than 20 precious herbs
  • Made in Korea – RainbowBeauty Cosmetics, Busan-Korea

Specifications: 10 tubes (3.5 ml / 1 tube) Origin: Korea Manufactured: RainbowBeauty Cosmetics – Korea Gift Promotion Buy 1 set of propolis give 1 face massage machine $ 110


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