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How to use Pure Exfoliating Gel Using PURE Exfoliating Gel is also very simple, helping to cleanse the skin in just 4 steps: Step 1: Wash thoroughly with PURE Stem Cell Face Gel Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of gel to hand, apply evenly to the skin and rub for the product slightly astringent (dry again) Step 3: Gently massage in circular motions, dead skin cells will be separated from the surface of the skin in the form of white granules. Step 4: Rinse and you will have smooth, bright skin. Now you can apply moisturizer or take the next steps as usual. Use 1-2 times a week



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PURE Deep Peeling Gel – Exfoliating Gel

Pure Deep Peeling Gel is a special product from Korea that allows dead skin cells to be removed consistently to help your skin brighter, more evenly colored. In particular, there are a number of other benefits such as removing dirt and bacteria, tightening the skin, tightening pores and preventing acne effectively. Size: 150 ml Origin: Korea Manufactured: Enbio Science Co., Ltd – Korea Promotion Buy 1 Gel Skin Replacement Gift 3 Mask PURE

Earn 110.00 Reward Points

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