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Use of Pure Face Wash Gel

  • Deep cleaning with only 2 drops of super essence per use
  • Instant water supply to the skin as soon as you wash your face
  • Save the stem cell moisturizing membrane on the epidermis and fully penetrate after 60 minutes of touching the mesoderm to nourish the skin from deep inside
  • Nanomolecules help permeate the recovery of aging cells, weak collagen bonds, fractures to increase skin elasticity
  • Feel the difference of the skin after washing the face smoothly and tightly



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PURE Stem Cell Gel Cleansing – Stem Cell Wash Gel

PURE Stem Cell Gel Cleansing – Stem cell wash gel helps to clean dirt, sebum and makeup on the skin. Provides moisture to the skin, helping to bring clean, soft, smooth, bright skin. With the composition from stem cells help nourish the skin from deep inside, increasing the elasticity of the skin. Pure face wash gel offers a superior effect than a cleaning product. Specifications: 100 ml Origin: Korea Manufactured: Rainbow Cosmetics., Ltd. – Korea Promotion Buy 1 Face Gel Get Free 2 Korean Mask

Earn 110.00 Reward Points

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